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Closing Connect™

Closing Connect™

Grape Vine is pleased to introduce its Closing Connect™ legal service program. Connecting property sellers on their listing day directly with experienced property lawyers brings a whole new level of expert assistance and support to Grapevine customers.

The Closing Connect™ program includes all the legal advice, assistance, document preparation and review property sellers need into one competitive, fixed-price bundle.

Closing Connect™ uses your email connection to provide helpful forms and information during the sales process. Registration during the listing process is required to take advantage of the Closing Connect™ program, with support continuing through to closing day and beyond.
Delaney’s Law Firm

Delaney’s Law Firm

Delaney’s Law Firm has worked with hundreds of real estate clients over the years. Their service is tailored to meet the needs of the Grape Vine customer. The firm’s real estate lawyers will review your agreement of purchase and sale, co-ordinate your closing, and get your deal closed with confidence. Delaney’s Law Firm has a convenient location downtown in Ottawa and the staff is friendly and helpful.

If you would like to learn more information about their service, or what to expect when you buy or sell a home, contact one of Ottawa’s most prominent real estate law firms today.

543 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 5J9
tel. 613.233.7000
fax 1-866-846-4191