The Grape Vine team were very prompt in responding to questions and quite helpful. A+ for service.
Scott F.
Grape Vine staff were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of selling a home. They made the process fun and easy, giving you all the tools you need for a successful sale. I will definitely use them again!
Andrew M.
This is our third home we have sold through Grape Vine, it's a very small percentage of the market looking for homes over $500K, we had no trouble finding qualified buyers on Grape Vine.
Lynne & Jim
SOLD!!! We used a brokerage to sell our house, and after 3 months and 20 showings and no offers we decided to use Grape Vine to sell our house. In one month we had more showings and 4 offers. We are very happy with the service provided by Grape Vine and will definitely recommend it to friends. We will definitely use in the future, although we are not looking to sell our future home any time soon. Big Thank you again! DO NOT listen to agents that say you can't sell on your own and that they can get you more money.
Petar P.
Good Experience overall!
Brie D.
Grape Vine staff were always available to answer questions. It made the process a lot easier.
Stephanie C.
Quick service, quick responses to any questions we had.
Melissa M.
Grape Vine treated us like family! The sincere advise was much appreciated.
Zehra J.
Grape Vine was fast and very easy. Sold our house in one week!
Ashley I.
Excellent service on the phone and email.
Linda C.
We can reduce commission!
Good services, everything was delivered and available on time!
Reda L.
We have used Grape Vine several times over the last 20 years and always with success. The sales rep (from The Usher Group) was extremely helpful with suggestions on listing price, staging, etc. The information package made it very simple to sell our home on our own and save the commission fees.
Dan B.
The sale of our property was made easier by the exposure through Grape Vine.
David R.
Using Grape Vine's PSP package was easy with the help of the agent. They took care of everything and was always just a text or email away for any questions. With all the supplied forms it made it easy to make the offer official. The best part is there were no commissions paid. Thank you Grape Vine for all your help and guidance.
Sue D.
Grape Vine's Professional Package provided me with the tools and support that allowed me to save the 5% standard commission on the sale of my home. Next home I sell I will be using Grape Vine again for sure.
Jon Z.
Was very pleased I used Grape Vine to sell my house. We ended up saving almost $20K in commissions and had offers the first day we listed our house. The Grape Vine staff were very helpful and responsive. I have already recommended Grape Vine to some of my friends and they were able to sell there homes very quickly and saved on commission. Will definitely use Grape Vine the next time I sell a property.
Mike M.
Thanks to Grape Vine. My experience was fast, simple and efficient. I would highly recommend the process to anyone looking to sell their home.
Jerred B.
We found Jeff Usher's advice during our initial meeting with the Grape Vine Professional Service Package very useful in helping us set realistic expectations and in getting our house ready and listed. In particular he offered good advice at the all-important negotiation stage in closing our deal once we got an offer...we can recommend the service with confidence.
Barb & Brian
The pricing, service and support is phenomenal and quick. Thank you very much for your service.
Andrea G.