Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have answered some of our most popular questions, however if you have a question which does not appear please feel free to contact the office directly.

Our weekday hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm and our weekend hours are Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm. We are closed on Sundays. Our phone lines can be very busy at times, please leave us a detailed message with your name & phone number and a consultant will return your call when they become available.

The first step is to complete the online registration form that is provided on our website. The registration form can be accessed from the main Home Page (click “List your PROPERTY”) or select the desired package from the “Sell A Home” page. You need to create an account and fill out the registration form with your contact information. You will also need to provide all of the details & information about the property, upload photos (applicable to Basic Package only) of the property, and then submit it when you are ready.

No. You need to have an active listing on the website in order to obtain signage. Grape Vine signage directly refers to our website and many people look for the matching listing information on the website before calling the number on your sign. Therefore,if no listing matches the search, you may lose on a potential sale if the interested parties have difficulties obtaining more information. A completed listing is mandatory in order to obtain signage.

Once you submit a registration form, it first goes through an editing process to check for typing errors or any omitted information. Next, you will be contacted by a Grape Vine Consultant (typically the following business day from when you submitted) to confirm the details supplied. During this initial call back, we will discuss when you would like the listing to be posted, arrange signage delivery & installation (if applicable) and payment details for the listing.

We now have secure online payment that accepts major credit cards.

For the Condo or House package it typically take 2-3 business days to get posted on the website (once all details & payment has been confirmed with the office). However, in the busy season (March – July) it can take a little longer. It is best to submit your registration form a few days in advance of when you would like your listing to be posted. The 'Professional Service' Package usually takes a little longer to be posted as this package includes an in- home consultation. Availability of appointments for this package depends on how many listings are already booked. (5 – 10 business days is the norm).

All listings are required to have at least 1 main exterior photo. You can add up to 14 additional photos (interior or exterior), for a maximum of 15 photos. The photo format accepted is png, gif, jpg or jpeg. If the photos you have for your listing are oversized, they must be re-sized to a maximum of 8MB.

All listings are required to have at least one (1) main photo to be able to go up on the website. If you have an exterior photo but do not have interior photos ready, we can still list your property with the one (1) main photo and you can add the additional photos when they become available.

Once you have created an account on, you will be able to login at anytime from any computer device. When logged in, you will have access to your own personal Control Panel for your listing(s). On this control panel you will have access to update your listing information and photos as needed (this can only be done once the listing is ACTIVE on the website). Please note that listing updates will need to be approved by the Grape Vine office before they are updated onto the public website. Updates are usually edited and approved same day if we receive the information before 3 pm. If changes and updates are submitted later than 3 pm or over the weekend or holiday, the updates will be completed the following business day.

We strive to maintain a very professional looking website. Therefore text edits & photo updates need to be edited and approved by one of our Consultants to ensure the quality of the content and information that is posted on our website.

You can access your Control Panel by logging in with your email & password that you initially created when you logged in for the first time. The control panel gives you access to your listing(s), lets you make updates to your active listing as well it provides you with a personal 'Hit Counter' for your listing so you can view how many times people click on your listing specifically. You will also be able to access electronic versions of all the forms we supply to help you sell so you can print them off as necessary.

Grape Vine clients are provided with online access to our Home Marketing Kit through their control panel once a listing is ACTIVE. The documents included in this kit are as follows: Buyers guides, guest lists, call registers, a home marketing manual, negotiation worksheets and a feature sheet specific to their listing. All of these documents are made available to our clients through their personal control panel in printable PDF formats. Please note that the documents Grape Vine provides are not legally binding. We do not provide official offer to purchase documents OR agreement of purchase & sale forms. You will need a lawyer to review all documentations.

When signing up with Grape Vine, all the necessary paperwork and tips on selling will be made available to you. The negotiation documents Grape Vine provides are not legally binding. Grape Vine provides a Negotiation Worksheet that can be used to draft the initial offer. During the offer process, every interested party should get a copy of the “Grape Vine Negotiation Worksheet”. You will deal with the buyers directly. Once you receive an offer and have reviewed it, you can counter or reject the offer. If you accept the offer outlined on that document, then the buyer will go to their lawyer to have the OFFICIAL, LEGAL OFFER TO PURCHASE drawn up. Your lawyer is the one to advise you of all the legalities with regards to your sale as well as other information, including the deposit in trust, etc. Some additional guidelines are provided in the “Marketing Manual” and “Notes on Negotiation” documents. Both will be accessible through your personal control panel when you have registered with Grape Vine.

There is no way for us to determine how long it would take for you to sell your property and when the best time to do so would be. The winter months are the slowest months of the year for real estate, therefore you have to consider that factor. Your area, your price range, if you are priced higher or lower than market value, the comparables in the area, your readiness to respond and book showings, the way your house is presented can all have a significant influence on the outcome of your sale. The key is price & presentation! Get the price right and make sure the house shows well.

The trick is to remember that with Grape Vine, you will be saving a lot on commission ($). Therefore buyers will expect your house to be priced accordingly. The houses that take longer to sell or do not sell at all on Grape Vine, are generally the ones that were priced above market value. Private buyers will expect you to come in the middle where both sides can benefit from the private sale. Price it right from the get go and you will get a quick sale! Price it too high in the beginning with the intention to reduce later and you might “miss the boat”. Keep in mind that your most valuable exposure is the first couple of weeks that you enter the market. All NEW Listings generate a huge amount of traffic when they first go “live” on the website. Price & presentation is always the key!

The purpose of our website is to showcase our clients' properties. External links can encourage potential buyers to leave our website. We choose to not include outside links so that we can provide our clients the best exposure possible for their listing, without distracting flash graphics / additional outside advertising.

Grape Vine's success rate changes depending on the time of the year. The Spring season welcomes our busiest time of the year, which typically offers a 60% success rate. This rate lowers slightly during the slower seasons. How quickly a property sells can depend on many factors (ie. market demand, is the home priced accordingly, location of the home, condition of the home, number of other similar homes for sale in the same area etc...), therefore there is no specific time range as to how long it will take for a property to sell.

We take care of installing removing and maintaining our signs (*local listings only). “For Sale” signs, posts, “Open House” signs & “Open House” tags remain the property of Grape Vine as they are rentals with the packages. Once you have registered your property on, our drivers will take care of installing, maintaining and removing our signs (if the property is located out-of-town, alternate arrangements can be made. Please contact the office directly to discuss - 613-829-1000). Signage shall be returned to Grape Vine once the property is sold or the contract is terminated. The Vendor agrees to compensate Grape Vine for lost / damaged materials, or if the signage is not returned on time.

If you are outside of the general Ottawa area and choose a package that includes signage, there may be an additional delivery & installation fee, depending on where your home is located. Please contact the office directly to discuss this with one of our Consultants and see if this fee will apply to your area. There is a possibility that we do not service your area and you will have the opportunity to pick up your signage at the Grape Vine office.

When your home has been officially SOLD and you get the firm and final OK from your lawyer that all conditions, if any, have been waived, we ask that you please notify the office directly by sending us an email to [email protected] or by calling 613-829-1000 as soon as possible. Grape Vine reserves the right to put a sold sign up for a minimum of 2 week after the sale has been finalized. (This does not apply to clients who do not have 'For Sale' signs). We like to take the opportunity to put a "SOLD" sign up to advertise your success in selling privately!