How do I proceed when I get an offer?

When signing up with Grape Vine, all the necessary paperwork and tips on selling will be made available to you. The negotiation documents Grape Vine provides are not legally binding. Grape Vine provides a Negotiation Worksheet that can be used to draft the initial offer. During the offer process, every interested party should get a copy of the “Grape Vine Negotiation Worksheet”. You will deal with the buyers directly. Once you receive an offer and have reviewed it, you can counter or reject the offer. If you accept the offer outlined on that document, then the buyer will go to their lawyer to have the OFFICIAL, LEGAL OFFER TO PURCHASE drawn up. Your lawyer is the one to advise you of all the legalities with regards to your sale as well as other information, including the deposit in trust, etc. Some additional guidelines are provided in the “Marketing Manual” and “Notes on Negotiation” documents. Both will be accessible through your personal control panel when you have registered with Grape Vine.