I would like to thank you and your staff for all of your help. It certainly was worthwhile for me to go the Grapevine route and I will certainly pass it on to people I know.. I am very pleased with how quickly it happened!

N. Lemay

Thanks for all the good work. We were really impressed with the responsiveness and co-operation of Grape Vine. Will definitely recommend to my friends. We sold for $180 500, but also had an offer left on the table for full price of $184,900 then paying 2.5% commission to agent. First person waived conditions then that was it.

Andrew & Laura

I am happy to inform you that our house on Fraser is SOLD. Although the final papers were only signed tonight due to difficulties getting all parties in town at the same time to sign the sale papers, the house was sold in 5 days and for the asking price. You might enjoy advertising this success on your website. You provide a great service and the buyers told us they would definitely do it this way if they had a house to sell after seeing how well it works... It would be great to get a sold sign up as it would stop the constant influx of calls, emails and knocks on the door. We could have found 10 buyers I think...

M. Armstrong

Listing with grapevine was easy and saved me thousands! I sold my house in 12 days. Grapevine gave me all the tools and information I needed to make sure the process went smoothly and I listed it at the right price. I would do it again and recommend it to friends and family. - Sarah


Grape Vine essentially saves you the listing fees that you would have to pay to the Seller's Agent (~2.5%). Good value for your money.



It was a great experience and I would recommend your service to anyone. 


Grapevine is an excellent way to do your own home marketing and selling. There are more and more people with an online presence to purchase real estate, and Grapevine equips it's sellers with the necessary tools to assist in the FSBO real estate market. They also happen to have polite, knowledgeable, and helpful staff to assist in your transaction!


Easy to use, not expensive, good exposure. A lot of inquiries from real estate agents

The Grapevine system just works - way better than ComFree in terms of signage, number of listings and visitors. The directional signage is professional done vs ComFree where owners have to write down their address. - Anonymous
Quick sale

This is my 2nd Grapevine sale - keep up the great work!



Natasha and Jenna provided excellent service. They were very responsive and always polite.


We purchased a basic package to gain access to MLS. Our offer of 2.5 % to the buyer's agent got us the showings necessary to sell, and we benefited from about a three week flurry of people looking to buy among whom was the purchaser of our property.

Shirley and Herb

Shirley & Herb

Our result with Grape Vine is proof that non-realtors can sell their own homes without an agent as a middle-man. We got our offer after eight days. You deal directly with the buyer and can answer their questions and talk about the house in no way that an agent could. If you are willing to put a bit of time, get some professional photos and write up your house, you too can sell your house quickly with the guidance of Grape Vine. Have fun selling your house. Yves


It's my pleassure to give cudos to the Grapevine formula which helped us sell our home after it had been on the market for four years.

The staff is always pleasant, the package of services provided is generous (website, lawn and street ''For Sale'' signs, support

personnel and material and access to the MLS system and realtor.ca). We had many more responses and viewings than selling on our

own. The staff is competent and clear in their expectations and the website is easy to manage either as a prospective buyer or as an

owner. Many thanks to Grapevine for a job well done.

Diane P.

Diane P.
The Grapevine experience was extremely positive from start to finish. The web-based registration process was very user-friendly and the FOR SALE sign went up quickly. The email notification system for showing requests was very efficient and Grapevine staff were always friendly and professional whenever I called to ask questions (even on weekends!!). Emailed questions were always answered promptly by staff which was greatly appreciated. The entire process was easy and convenient. Thank you Grapevine! - Richard

Staff was EXCELLENT and prompt in replies !! Thank you everyone at Grapevine! Job/Services well done :-).  Danielle

The platform is user friendly and very easy to use; The support staff is very nice with prompt response; The information package contains good tips/suggestions for self sellers. Definitely recommend it! Teresa
User friendly and prompt supportive staff!

This is the 3rd home we've sold through grapevine. We are extremely satisfied with everything!! Customer service, call centre, realtor that came to our home - from step 1 to the end, we are extremely satisfied!! Thank you grapevine! - Tom. M

Tom M.

Grapevine made it easy to sell our own home by providing lots of information. Having one of their associates come and explain the process in our initial visit was really quite helpful. And we sold in ONE week!
Lauren H.

We were able to sell in one week!

Many thanks for collecting them.  This is my second using your services for sale a house.  It worked well as last time.