I listed my house with the new Grape Vine Hybrid package.  There were a
dozen showings the day the listing went live and multiple offers that
evening.  The house was sold within 24 hours!  Great result!!

Janis F.


SOLD in less than 24 hours!!

We listed our house through Grapevine realty on April 7, 2017. We were little bit apprehensive as we were one of the earliest users of their newly introduced hybrid package. To our surprise the listing went on smoothly thanks to Ryan (our assigned realtor) and the office staff of Grapevine. Ryan and the office team organized the showing in a clock like precision. Our house was sold in under a month and we are thankful to Grapevine realty/staff.

N. Gopalan


We would like to thank the entire Grapevine Realty team for all that you have done to help us sell our home. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. We so appreciate how encouraging you all were - especially those calls from Andrea on the weekends. And how organised and on top of all those showing requests by Jenna and Andrea.

We also really appreciate how available you all were to answer our questions and guide us through the process, Shelley and Jeff. It was so nice to know that you were looking at comps and getting all the feedback from the millions (yes, it felt that way at times) showings we had.

And of course Jeff, you were fabulous! Very patient, understanding, knowledgeable, and encouraging. You can tell that you really know your stuff and have a wealth of experience.

You are a great team! We were very impressed. And overall felt at ease trusting your knowledge, professionalism and expertise. We would not hesitate referring people to the hybrid option - which I am so thankful for, I would have hated doing the negotiations myself - this service is a keeper.

Much appreciative,

V & J

Knowledgeable and encouraging. A wealth of experience!

During the in-house consultation the Grape Vine representative took very nice pictures of our home for listing on Grape Vine and MLS web sites. He explained selling prices in our neighbourhood and advised how to properly price our house in order to sell quickly and to the right buyer. The best help received was the understanding of the selling process; he explained the steps one by one and handed us a package that explained the process in more details. We felt we had all we needed to help our potential buyers to smoothly write an offer while feeling confident they were doing the right thing. Our home listing went live a Saturday afternoon and I hosted an open house the Sunday after. I was not expecting many visitors since there was no time to promote it, the listing was only live for 24h and my home did not have the “For Sale by Owner” sign yet because it was the weekend… Soon I realized the great reach of Grape Vine web site! With just the online open house promotion I got 6 families visiting my home and 5 of them came with no realtor. The next day I started receiving showing requests, negotiation phone calls and written negotiation worksheets. I was surprised that it all happened so quickly… I ensured that each potential buyer was provided with the negotiation package and step by step instructions about how to put in an offer.  Within 3 days of listing we got the written negotiation we wanted and contacted our lawyer to officially communicate to the buyer’s lawyer to receive the official offer. In the mean time grapevine kept contacting me for more and more showings. We received a total of 14 realtor’s visits and 7 private Grape Vine visitors. I found that people who came directly from Grape Vine with no realtor were highly motivated and since their questions got answered immediately they wanted to start negotiating on the spot. Realtor’s clients on the opposite waited for realtors to contact me for answers to their questions and were much slower at starting negotiation; sometimes realtors explained their clients were very interested in my home but wanted to see multiple homes to compare… 3 of the 7 Grape Vine visitors wanted to start negotiation on the spot and 5 of the 14 realtor’s contacted us interested in putting an offer for their clients. We quickly knew who was the right buyer and only accepted their offer. We contacted Grape Vine with the update and they put the “Conditional Sold” update on our listing. The deal was finalized in less than 2 weeks but mostly due to satisfying the conditions and the production of official documents with lawyers.

Now that I know how easy it is, I will never stress about selling my home again because Grape Vine makes it all easy for me. Thank you for such a good job Grape Vine team!

Somny C.

Wow! I will never stress about selling my home again because Grape Vine makes it all easy for me. Selling on Grapevine cannot be easier!

We couldn't be happier with our experience using Grapevine to sell our home. Our home received a conditional offer within 6 days of being live and we were sold within 2 weeks! We are also happy with our decision to choose the Hybrid package. We received many of the same benefits of having an agent at lower commission than traditional Real Estate competitors. Jeff and the team did a great job helping to field calls for viewings which would have been time consuming on our part. Jeff was able to provide beautiful photographs of the home, advice about our pricing, and ultimately helped us to negotiate and close the deal. Thank you Grapevine team! We would certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a home.

Brian & Pascale

SOLD in 2 weeks!

We are thrilled to have sold our condo so quickly! Thanks for your help.


SOLD in less than 1 month!

Recently we sold our house using Grape Vine. I wanted to personally thank Grape Vine for a professional and efficient service. We are very pleased! Selling a house was a big challenge for us, we didn't know what to prepare or how to communicate with potential buyers. Grape Vine supplied everything - from a Home Marketing Manual to information for buyers. Grape Vine has obvioulsy put a lot of thought and expertise into their service package. Our House ver smoothly and fast.

Overall dealing with Grape Vine consultants was a great experience and they have great customer service. We would be happy to recommend Grape Vine to people who are looking to sell their property on their own.

Thanks Grape Vine!


Selling made easy! Grape Vine supplies everything!

Your service made the process easy, everything happened so fast! I am still in shock, I sold in just 10 days! 



Quick and easy process!! Sold in just 10 days!!

Our house was listed on a Friday and we had a final sale 10 days later!  We estimate that we also saved more than $50,000. in real estate commission fees! We worked hard to prepare our home for sale and were absolutely delighted with the team at Grapevine.  Their professional support and customer service was first class!  The team was always friendly, helpful and easy to reach. It was a great experience from start to finish! 



Great experience from start to finish! Sold in less than 2 weeks!

Our agent, Erin, was a consummate professional throughout the sales process of our home. She priced our house strategically for the market and had it sold in less than 30 days. She handled difficult negotiations on our behalf, arranged for multiple showings, and closed the deal promptly with the desired outcome when qualified buyers presented an offer. The impressive result from this experience stems from the fact that the home had been listed for 4 months previously with another agency, but had not sold despite high traffic volumes. Once Erin completed her homework on the market analysis, the house moved quickly and closed at a higher price point than received from previous offers. The Grapevine experience has proven to be both effective and efficient in moving our home to a status of SOLD. Thank-you! Thank-you!! Thank-you!!!


D&D Steeves

The impressive result! Effective and efficient in moving our home to a status of SOLD.

Grape Vine works! I sold my house within 2 weeks! I will use it again in the future.

Bin C.

Grape Vine works!

It's been a pleasure and will gladly use Grapevine again!


Sold in just 2 weeks!

Grapevine made it easy to sell our own home by providing lots of information. Having one of their associates come and explain the process in our initial visit was really quite helpful. And we sold in ONE week!

SOLD in 1 week!

Thank You for exemplary service to every detail of our home sale! As repeat clients we have recommended your company over the years & will continue to do so. We thank You for your stellar service on our behalf . We appreciated your support & timely response to questions & clarifications. Great troubleshooting , integrity & professionalism !

Nancy & Dennis

SOLD in less than 2 weeks! Exemplary service!

Great service!

Ali A.

Great service!

Andrea was so helpful answering my many questions and offering direction. The cost was affordable and the results were great. Signs were delivered on time as promised. Seriously people - Grape Vine is the way to go !

Lori D.

SOLD in just 6 days!!! Grape Vine is the way to go!

This is my 2nd time using Grapevine. The Hybrid Package which my choice. It was the perfect fit for me. I spent a lot of time preparing my house for sale (some paint, deep clean, decluttering) and had decided early on that I would be willing to work with buyers represented by Agents. I understood that MLS exposure and allowing agents would greatly expand the pool of potential buyers. Ryan from Grapevine Realty was a great help  He helped me set the asking price, took the pictures, and handled all the showing requests (and offers) coming in from agents. He also helped me out with the paperwork when I worked with potential private buyers. I had multiple offers from both agent represented and private buyers. This buyer competition, I feel, positioned me to demand and get a full list price offer from a private buyer, and all within 72 hours of my listing going live! I would recommend the Grapevine hybrid package to anyone. It offers the best of both worlds.


SOLD in 72 hours! Used Grape Vine for FREE!

When we decided to list our house our first choice was Grapevine. We received prompt, courteous service from their representative Devin, and also received the reach we needed through their listing on realtor.ca. We would highly recommend Grapevine as an economic alternative to traditional listing agent/buying agent listing.

Rodney H.

Our first choice was Grapevine and we SOLD in 1 week!

We are thrilled with the service, professional advice and results produced from listing with Grapevine. After just four days on the market, our home was sold. Many thanks to Ryan Rogers who helped make this process so smooth and manageable. All of his communication was prompt, providing us with enough information to guide us in our decision making, but not so much as to overwhelm us in the process. We have no hesitations in recommending grapevine to our family and friends.

Robyn S.

Sold in just 4 days!

Our experience with Grapevine was amazing! Devin March was a pleasure to deal with and extremely helpful when we had questions about the sales process.  We highly recommended Grapevine for anyone interested in selling their property.

Thank you Devin!

Jeff & Sandra


Used Grape Vine for Free! Amazing experience!