Thanks so much! In the future I will certainly recommend Grape Vine to friends - your staff is just marvellous!!
Using Grape Vine is the way to go. This is the 3rd time selling a house ourselves and not through a real estate agen. Grape Vine has been a great way to save money.
Bill A.
Nothing bad to say.
Tony M.
We are very satisfied with the service, support, and answers to our questions. Customer satisfaction is 100%. We will use Grape Vine a 3rd time if we need to. Thank You!!!
Jean-Yves N.
The signage available and online listing are very nicely done with Grape Vine. When going down my street my Grape Vine sign always stood out compared to some of the other flimsy for sale signs I have seen. Grape Vine staff responded immediately to any inquiries I had.
Judy S.
A simple process.
Hill G.
We were very happy with the friendly and helpful service that was offered by Grape Vine staff. The process to list our house was very straightforward.
Kathleen T.
We had our home up for sale before with a local real estate agent for 8 months. He told us ow the market was saturated with homes for sale and that we would have to lower our price. We lowered the price a few times until it was well below what we paid for it and although we had offers they still couldn't come close to the money we wanted to walk away with after we would pay the real estate agent commission fees/HST, etc. We ended up refusing all offers leaving us very frustrated. We ended our contract with the real estate agent. After a couple of months we thought if we listed our home at a fair market price and sold it privately perhaps we might have a better chance of getting an offer we would be happy with. After all what did we have to lose? We listed with Grape Vine and we had lots of showings, meeting some really nice people and ended up selling our home with Grape Vine for the price we wanted in 8 weeks NOT 8 months in a buyer's market. We regret not using Grape Vine earlier.
Chris S.
You can do all the work of selling, so why let an agent collect all that commission? It isn't rocket science. An informed seller, willing to put in time and effort can do the same job that an agent can. Have a good real estate lawyer back you up. Frankly, the lawyer is more important and valuable than any agent, and at a lesser cost…agents have no magic secrets. They simply introduce a potential buyer to a seller. For THAT, you want to pay 5%?
Satisfied Seller
This is my 2nd house that I used Grape Vine and Sold by myself both place (In 2005, My first house was on 60 Gowrie Dr. Kanata). Your web site attracted many buyers.
Mai L.
Great easy way to sell your home for more money.
Amal E.
No one can sell your home better than you!
Steve W.
If you have a great house to sell, the logical choice is a Grape Vine listing!
Doug & Linda Bird
It was easy to set-up the listing. Customer service is great!
John B.
Experience could not have been better. Definitely less stressful than selling via a real estate company and the 5 percent saving on the overall selling price was a great perk. The service provided by grapevine totally met our expectations, very professional.
Stan W.
Sold in a buyers market for 97% of asking price!
Tyler P.
This is my second time selling with Grape Vine and I look forward to doing it again. Their customer service and support is second to none. Thank you Grape Vine for another rewarding experience!
Corrine L.
Our experience with Grape Vine was great. Being able to use the website to make changes when we wanted and having the Usher Group available and responsive was terrific. Knowing someone would answer the phone or email at Grape Vine each time we got in contact helped a lot - thank you Erin. Ryan Rogers from the Usher Group was very responsive when we needed changes made so we appreciate his time and dedication.
Jason K.
Great service, sold within two weeks!
Sylvie G.
Great marketing tool and very helpful and enthusiastic people too!
Stefano P.