Second time using Grape Vine. Second time selling without an agent! Excellent service and a great investment.
Travis W.
Very friendly, professional and helpful. We also used the professional photographer and the lawyer review, each offered an excellent service.
This is the second home I've sold on Grape Vine without the use of a real estate agent. It works!
Tracey W.
This is our second time using Grape Vine Home Marketing for the sale of our home in the last 4 years and we were thoroughly pleased with the quick and professional service we received. We sold our home both times within a number of weeks with multiple offers. We would recommend Grape Vine to any of our friends and family!
Joshua G.
Grape Vine is the absolute best way to sell your home. It is easy and support is always available. If you want to save thousands in fees use this service.
Elvin T.
The service was very prompt, easy to understand & professional. They did stay in touch to see how things were going. Quality signs.
The service was very prompt, easy to understand & professional. They did stay in touch to see how things were going. Quality signs.
Patricia H.
If you are looking to save money by not having a listing agent and have the time to sell your property than list with Grape Vine, no one will be able to sell your house better than you.
Travis G.
My husband and I were very pleased to use the services of Grape Vine. They were cordial and very resourceful. We will certainly recommend it to family and friends.
Anne-Marie B.
Having now bought and sold our house through Grape Vine, we really think that putting in a little bit of work to host open houses, and open up for appointments, that it is well worth the return on investment. If we ever sell again, I'm sure we'll go Grape Vine.
Ryan & Anna
No one knows your home more than you and it feels very rewarding to sell it yourself. Grape Vine made it possible to find the proper buyer for the house.
Rosemarie E.
The buyer was a true believer in Grape Vine! So your reputation made it successful!
Martin C.
Our first time using Grape Vine and our experience couldn't have been better! Very helpful and informative staff. Our house sold in less than two weeks!
Stacey C.
Have sold properties through real estate agents before, with this method the people that looked at my property were really interested in my property i.e.: no tire kickers.
Dave S.
Great experience from start to finish. Jeff Usher's PSP advice throughout the entire process was instrumental for us. THANK YOU!
Jan T.
Have officially sold my home myself without a real estate agent! Please have the biggest sold sign you have and put it up!
Rosalie N.
We've lived in our current house for almost 25 years so we were very overwhelmed with the thoughts of selling our house. We received a few appraisals before we decided to try to sell our house on our own first ... What did we have to lose!!!! We decided to give Grape Vine a month before we would entertain using a local real estate agent. Grape Vine arranged to have one of their consultants come to our home to explain the different packages and left us with lots of material and information to help us get started. We had 4 offers within a week! I actually enjoyed showing off and explaining some of the great features our house had to offer!
Beverly P.
The team at Grape Wine were very helpful. My condo sold in three weeks...what else can I say. Thank you.
Shannon B.
Overall, the Grape Vine experience was very easy and we saved at least $8000!! If you are able to find comps in your area and you price your house well, there's no reason you can't sell with Grape Vine.
Sebastien D.