This is the 2nd time that we had used Grape Vine. Both experiences have been very positive! The very first time we put our house on the market back in 2005, our house sold within the week! We had realtors calling us and leaving notes back then that we are not experts in this field. But with Grape Vine's help we did it! Again, after many years passed by, now 2016, we listed our home with Grape Vine. This time with the MLS listing in the play, we got an offer after 1st day on the MLS listing at almost full asking price!! Thanks Grape Vine!!!! This experience had shown us once again that you need to know the market and with professional pictures and consolation from consultant that work with Grapevine customers like us, you too can sale your home! It’s always been a pleasure and pleasant dealing with the people who work for Grape Vine. Their goal is the same as ours, and that is putting that “SOLD” sign as quickly as first advertised!!
L & K
Grapevine Marketing with connection to Grapevine Real Estate provided us with every tool we required to successfully sell our home for an excellent price. We found many of our prospective buyers came to see our house via Grapevine listing. As our sale was completely private we are very happy with the price we were able to negotiate and so are the new owners. The free legal support service provided by Grapevine was a great benefit.
Happy I went with Grape Vine.
Meena C.
My experience using the Grape Vine platform to sell my home was very positive. My primary contact at Grape Vine Realty, Jeff Usher, handled our working relationship in a professional manner and responded promptly to my requests for assistance in profiling our property and handling the offer that we received from a buyer agent. Our house was listed on Friday and it was sold on Sunday for $3,900 less than our asking price. We attribute this quick sale to both our hard work to prepare and stage the property for sale and the excellent service provided by Jeff and the Grape Vine team. And we saved more than $10,000 in real estate commission fees in the process! Ed K.
We saved more than $10,000 in real estate commission fees!
Thank you so much. I have and continue to brag to real estate agents about all the great services Grape Vine provides and the wonderful and competent staff with whom I had the pleasure of interacting.
I found Grapevine an awesome service and would definitely use it again and recommend it to family and friends. The staff & service have been awesome.
Awesome Service!
My wife and I have sold 2 condos in the past with Grape Vine with zero issues. Honestly, your lawyer will do all the heavy lifting as far as all the legal work. You can set up your own open houses and some people prefer to deal with the home owner anyways to get better answers to questions about the property.
It took less than 2 weeks for an offer. The buyer viewed the house on your website, saw the Grape Vine sign when he drove by, viewed the house in person, and negotiated the sale all in the same day!
Jim O.
Selling my home was made easy through Grape Vine! It was my first time selling a home on my own and they gave me all the tools and help to make it happen smoothly. The website is easy to use and manage my listing, update descriptions and photos, etc. And they provided the information I needed throughout the process from the initial listing to closing the deal. Highly recommended and will use again next time!
Great way to sell a small townhouse. I highly recommend. All the people at Grape Vine and the Usher Group were helpful and responsive.
This is the 2nd time we had used Grape Vine Service to sale our houses by ourselves. Both times we had successfully sold the houses within days - not weeks or months. Their service is very professional, quick on reply, sourceful in providing information, always there to answer the phone calls. We definitely will use them again if we ever need to sell our house in the future.
Fantastic Service from everyone at Grape Vine…Grape Vine was AMAZING! Thank you very much for helping us sell our house!
Great experience. Sold it in a week!
We had a lot of success selling with Grape Vine. We sold in 2 weeks...
We had a lot of success selling with Grape Vine. We sold in 2 weeks.
Melanie C.
This is the 5th home that I have listed and sold using Grape Vine services...3 of which I sold for a higher price than some real estate agent suggested that I should list at!!! Since this sale, I have purchased another home that was advertised on the Grape Vine, (the 3rd home that I have purchased directly from a Grape Vine seller). How much have I saved? Do the math!!! Thanks Grape Vine
We have been successful selling privately through Grape Vine, not once, but three times within the past 10 years. We encourage people to try it: make your house as appealing as possible, make necessary repairs or updates and go for it.
Andre J.
Grape Vine's service was efficient and worth it! We are very pleased with the friendly and helpful customer service we received.
Dina G.
I will definitely suggest listing through Grape Vine . It was a great experience.
I met with the buyers at the cottage yesterday and now all the info has been forwarded to Mullun Law and they will draft a formal Agreement of Purchase and Sale and send it to me today! This process has been really easy! Thanks Grape Vine!
Sue M.