We were initially skeptical when we decided to sell our home privately through Grapevine. But, we were pleasantly surprised with the amount of traffic our ad generated. In the end we sold our home in just less than a month without a single open house. Thank you very much again.

Mike F., Kanata

I'm very glad that I posted my ad to your website. Just in a word: it help me to save at least 12,000$ !!! Excellent class A+ service, fast reply with very good communication. Pleasure to deal with. Thanks a lot!

Serguei B., Kanata

I sold my house in less than 2 weeks using Grapevine Services. In fact, I got the offer that closed the sale after the For Sale sign was up for less than 1 week. I would highly recommend Grapevine’s home marketing services.

Annemarie V.

SOLD in 1 week! That's what our AD said after one week on Grapevine. We knew our house would sell but never thought it would sell so quickly. The service received from Grapevine was excellent and Lorraine along with her staff were so conscientious and always available ( even at 11 p.m. on one occassion!) Thank you to everyone at Grapevine for your wonderful service and for saving our family over $12K in real estate fees.

C. & R Vallee, Orleans

I would highly reccommend using the Grapevine to sell your home. For the little bit of inconvenience of de-cluttering & doing a good house clean-up (something we all could use I'm sure anyway!) my wife & I sold our townhome in 2 days! After going through the SIMPLE process with the GREAT ongoing support from Lorraine & her Grapvine approach to selling a home I couldn't then & will never be able to justify paying a Real Estate Agent 5% of the gross (in our case about $9,000.00 !! Yikes). Don't be afraid! Grapevine works & you can do it!

R. Salo

I would certainly use Grapevine again. It's a great way to save money by not having to pay the commission to real estate firms. The signs you provide for the Open House and the For Sale signs are very professional looking and stand out nicely. The website also very professional looking and provides people with a detailed view of the houses for sale. I think the new magazine that you will be publishing is a great idea and will be a method by which more people will be able to view the homes for sale by Grapevine. All and all, I am very pleased with the service we received from Grapevine.

Bonnie M.

House selling made easy. You always hear about the work involved and the problems when trying to sell your home on your own without an agent. One thing for sure Grapevine makes selling a house EASY! We received execellent service, in a timely and prompt fashion. The information package provided by Grapevine on selling your home was straight forward and made the process painless. We definetly recommend this option for selling your home. Avoid the middle man and save $$$.

Clinton & Angie Russell

Our house in the country sold in just 3 weeks, got just pennies less than our asking price, saved a colossal amount in commission fees if we had gone with a Real Estate Agent, and I found it an extremely easy process. I am truly impressed with the whole Grapevine set up for personal selling. The website is excellent, so easy to use, and the branding and reputation that the site and company has created is worth it’s weight in gold! You know you’re in good company when you list on the Grapevine and that you’ll be seen over and over again in a very short period of time. In 5 days we had 900 hits. I HIGHLY recommend the Grapevine to anyone who is considering selling their home.

Kimberly Boston

You can officially flag our house as 'SOLD'. The final condition was waived yesterday. I must say the whole Grapevine experience has been first rate! I will definitely recommend your service to others interested in buying/selling.

T. Dowser

We've been very satisfied with our experience with Grapevine and would certainly recommend this option to friends who may in future be looking to buy or sell a home.

Joe & Jacquie Farah

WOW! The service was impeccable and what a great idea! We saved ourselves approx. $15,000 dollars selling through Grapevine. The rates are definitely reasonable, the service was amazing and I would like to commend you and your staff on a job well done. I think your company has the potential to become very successful, if it's not already! I wouldn't be surprised if people don't change the way they think when it comes to selling their homes. Thank you once again.

Steven W.

I would never try to sell my home with an agent without trying Grape Vine first. In one week our house was sold saving us over $10,000 in agent fees. And it is all so simple and straight forward with the Grape Vine, their website was informative and easy to use.

Andrea and Wayne Kargus

We found Grapevine to be very customer friendly. Flexible advertising terms allowed us to list our house for short periods of time without extra cost and the background information provided by your site assisted in negotiating the sale. All in all, a worthwhile experience, that was certainly worth the money.

C. & S. MacLean

Thanks to Grapevine, it took only 2 week-ends to sell my town house at the~asking price. While I agree the market is hot at the moment, I believe~their Internet-based advertisement service generated at least 30 showings~during the 2 open-houses I held. Their unique, attractive and highly~visible sign, together with the internet advertisement with colour pictures surely helped selling fast. The person who ended up buying my house had visited me the very first week-end. Also, Grapevine really made my private sale easy and inexpensive. If your asking price is around $200,000, I figure you save $12,000 in sales agent: enough to buy a car... Imagine, I sold my house and I saved a car ! Thanks Grapevine for all your help.

P. Sarrazin

Many thanks for your assistance in selling our home. You made our task so much easier. We truly appreciated you taking the time and effort to answer our questions promptly. Needless to say we were very pleased and impressed with the level of service. Congratulations on a job well done!

Bob L.

I wanted to express my appreciation for the assistance provided during the sale of my home. Your quick reply to my questions and the professionalism that you demonstrated were greatly appreciated. I must admit that I was skeptical when I first decided to sell my home privately as I didn't know what to expect. ~I received over 50 phone calls or e-mails from real estate agents agents during the short time that I had my house on the market, telling me that I was losing out on opportunities by selling the home privately. The bottom line is that I saved over $12,000 in real estate fees by selling privately!!~Thanks again and I will certainly recommend Grapevine to others.

Paul D.

The service provided by Grapevine, was not only wonderful and very thorough, it allowed me to sell my home and save money. A house can sell itself with a little work by the owner. The guidance and suggestions by consultants at Grapevine assisted me with the checklist and suggestions, that made the sale of my home easier.

Lynda C.

Hi Lorraine,~ ~We sold in 4 days, the response was overwhelming. If we had known we would have so much interest we would have shown it for 2 weeks and then taken secret bids. We still have a list of interested people waiting for the conditions to be waived. We were thrilled when the conditions were waived today , and it was so easy using Grapevine. We'd do it again. Thanks again for your services.

Mike & Jane M.

In today's real estate market there is no reason to at least try to sell your home privately. You can always use an agent's services afterwards if you have difficulty selling. Grapevine provides just enough structure and marketing help to give you the best chance at saving a 5% commmission fee. We sold our home through Grapevine in 10 days and we calculated our total savings at $9600.00!

J. Hanlon

Just a quick note to thank Grapevine for their wonderful service. I have visited the website many times throughout the years and am especially glad to have posted my own home which sold in 8 days. The Aritcles for Sale is a great added feature too. Thanks.

Nancy W.