In a high-tech town like Ottawa, your web services really WORK! Grapevine is quick and hassle free. We would definitely use Grapevine again.

Connie & Bucky

I really can't believe how quickly our house sold on Grapevine! Only 11 days!!! Even after it was sold we still had many inquiries! We were a bit hesitant about selling privately, but you made it very easy. Our house got great exposure. We were pressed for time to sell our home because we have to move in only seven weeks. We were able to sell for the price we wanted and the closing date we needed which was very important to us. We thank you ever so much for your helpfulness and efficiency. We will be recommending your service to all who will listen.

Mrs. T. Mohammed

Thank you very much for all the assistance you've given us and the ~wonderful service you provide with Grapevine. Our house sold in a ~week! We'll be sure to spread the word about Grapevine. Thanks again!

M. Coffell

We are quite satisfied with the Grapevine easy process and the well documented package available to all sellers. Your help made it so easy to amend our approach to meet market shift. You have always been happy and non hesitant to service our requests.~We will continue promoting your business to our friends.~~Sincere thanks

R. Turcotte

We were very pleased with the services Grapevine provided. For a few hundred dollars, we managed to save more than $10,000 dollars in real estate fees. The Grapevine team was helpful, professional and very customer-oriented. Selling privately in today's market just makes good financial sense. We highly recommend Grapevine to all.

E&M Tremblay

Hi Lorraine;~Just wanted to let you know that our house is SOLD. I also want to thank you very much for everything. The forms provided made for a very smooth transaction with the buyer. I would definitley recommend your services to my friends and will use your services again in the future.

Stephanie D.

Please be advised that our house has been sold (in 6 days!!!). Thank you so much for your services, we really feel that we were able to reach a much broader audience using Grapevine, without the expensive costs of a real estate agent.

C. & J. D'Alfonso

Last month, we bought a home that was listed through Grape Vine. We were extremely impressed by the ease, efficiency and smoothness of the transaction. When time came to sell our current home we decided without hesitation to pursue the Grape Vine route. From start to end, the experience has been exceptional. The service, the professional signs, the draft documents, and the follow-up is nothing short of outstanding. All this for under $400 vice $13,000 for the identical exposure and service provided by a real estate agent. Come on folks...think about it before you call that real estate agent and get charged an outrageous 5.5% commission fee. Simply put, if you can read, write and speak...you can do it yourself!!~ ~To make a long story short, we got a formal offer within 6 days of listing and the conditions were lifted 5 days later. We got the price we wanted plus the bonus of saving $13,000 in commission fees.

J. D'Angelo

Thank you for your help and excellent service, we are definitely promoting you to all of our friends.

Chris L.

We were greatly satisfied with the service provided by Grapevine! The staff were not only knowledgeable, but also kind and friendly! They returned phone calls, emails and posted requests promptly on the web page. This is the top brand name in the area, both for potential buyers and lots of agents. I would highly recommend using Grapevine for your private house sale.

Bob W.

We were very satisfied with your services and told several people about it. We have several friends who will be selling soon so we did recommend your services to them. Some of them were astonished to see how fast we sold. ~ ~We did not even post the open house on your web site (we did not have time since we got in the web site on the Friday and we did the open house on the Sunday). We put the signs on the streets and we had 13 people coming that same day saying that they had seen the house on the web site. So you do get a lot of people who look at your web site! ~ ~Your services were fast and it was well appreciated!

M. Bilodeau & Y. Therrien

When we considered selling our home privately, we didn't think twice about whom we would advertise with. Grapevine. I think that Grapevine is the most widely recognized and reputable advertising for selling your home privately. The website is well known, easy to navigate and obviously gets a lot of traffic. The available packages are reasonably priced and offer you enough options. The service was quick and courteous. I remember when the conditional offer on our new house got accepted we had less than 30 days to sell our home, right before Christmas! I called you up and you understood the urgency and had us up and running the next day. We sold our home in ten days!! Thanks again for all your help!!

S. Joly

The service Grape Vine provided was prompt, efficient and courteous. The advice and information provided was excellent. The first response to our listing with Grape Vine came the day after the ad was posted on the web site and was continuous. I would recommend this service to anyone who wishes to sell their own home.

Tom D.

We were very satisfied with the service that Grapevine offered. The staff were friendly, returned phone calls, emails and posted requests promptly on the web page. The paperwork that comes with the package is helpful. I would highly recommend using Grapevine.

Mimi M.

All of the information/forms/signs provided by Grapevine were helpful and useful. They were easy to read and understand. Also, any questions/changes/updates that I requested of you were completed in a very timely and efficient manner.


Grape Vine helped me sell my house in 10 days. The exposure via their web site is what made the difference. Grape Vine's service was quick and professional.

Bernie L.

We put the sign up Tues...didn't show it until our open house on Sunday...and sold it [conditionally] on Tues. [Monday was a holiday!] We got our asking price. The conditions of financing and home inspection were met today. We couldn't be happier. Thanks for all your help!

Kim H.

Just to let you know that you posted my house on Grangemill on your web site on Wed. April 30 and I received a working draft of an offer on Saturday May 3. A formal offer was also received and all conditions have now been waived. Feel free to put the sold sign up on the lawn and on the site whenever you are ready. Thanks so much for this service it has been simple and effective.


Our house sold for $134,000. We received an email from an agent who sold one of the other two houses on our street which detailed those sales at $129,000 and $131,000 plus they had to pay crazy real estate fees.


I was extremely pleased with your services, and will recommend to friends that they try to sell their house on their own via Grapevine.

Bob L.